Brain-Building Development Activities for Kids

Brain-Building Development Activities for Kids

Kids’ cognitive functions need constant stimulation to help them achieve a sharp mental response. Learning starts at home and gradually develops at a daycare in Brooklyn, New York as they are exposed to other children of their same age who can interact with them.

Whether your kids are at school or in an after school care in New York, here are some of the most common brain-stimulating activities that will train your kids:

  • Memory game

    Whether it’s a game about colors, pictures, and numbers, regular brain stimulation through memory tests will help in brain exercise. Memory games also promote better connectivity among different brain regions and enhance not just memory skills but also attention span, spatial intelligence, language learning ability, and coordination.

  • Puzzles

    Jigsaw puzzles or shape-matching puzzles greatly stimulate a child’s spatial abilities. Although kids have different attention spans when it comes to puzzles or problem-solving, you must choose a puzzle game that would interest them and stir their curiosity to keep them playing.

  • Painting

    Painting is among the most fun and entertaining activities in daycare centers. Painting helps kids communicate their emotions or feelings through the use of colors. It also helps them acquire hand-eye coordination and mobility skills.

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