Get to know the faces behind Lilypad Gfdc, Inc.
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These are the members of our Lilypad family who will serve as your little one’s second parents and guardians throughout their stay at our daycare center:

★ Denise Hamblin

Denise is the Director of the School. She is among the people who made Lilypad what it is now — a place where children as young as 6 weeks old can develop their knowledge, creativity, and social skills, among others.

★ Deborah Greaves

Deborah thinks of all the children under Lilypad’s roof as her own babies, whom she loves very much. She always makes sure that each child is well fed and healthy in a safe and loving environment where children learn and grow.

★ Don Small

Don works closely with the children in Lilypad’s after-school program to help them settle in, finish their homework, enjoy arts and crafts, and do other fun activities. Don also makes sure that the daycare is well decorated and welcoming for everyone, even making use of the children’s crafted works as decorations.

★ Jasmine Gray

Jasmine has always seen working with the children at Lilypad as a great adventure. She has honed her own creativity as she provided the little ones with activities and projects to keep their minds working, bringing much fun into learning.

★ Aaliya Broomes

Aaliya has learned that each child has special interests and strengths throughout her stay at Lilypad. She helps them strengthen their skills, explore their interests, and learn more about technology. Also, she encourages children to test their own skills and try to do things that they think they can’t do.

For more information, you may contact us at any time.

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