How Learning to Play the Piano Can Help Your Child at School

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Anyone can easily find a daycare in Brooklyn, New York who offers piano lessons to children who wants to develop their love and interest in making music. However, some parents are reluctant whether sending their child to one would be beneficial. Here are the top two reasons why you should:

  • Improves Cognitive Skills

    Studies show that kids who learn how to play the piano have higher cognitive skills compared to those who don’t. Memorizing music notes exercises the child’s ability to recall. Hence, children who play the piano have better language development and are more likely to easily learn a new language.

    Children exposed to extensive and complex rhythmic training display superior reading skills and are proven to have better counting and math skills. It also enhances the brain’s ability to improvise making the child become more creative not just in music but in other aspects in life as well.

  • Develops Social and Behavioral Skill

    Unlocking a new ability is a powerful tool to boost a child’s self-esteem. Children who learn how to play the piano are more confident and socializes well with others. They are also better at adapting to changes and handling stress and anxieties.

    Playing music strengthens the brain’s ability to concentrate and focus. It is not surprising that children in child care services who play the piano have increased concentration and patience and are more disciplined than others. Additionally, they have better organization and time management skills.

LilyPad Group Family Daycare (Lilypad Gfdc, Inc.) provides the perfect assistance to help your child achieve their goal to enhance their musical abilities. If you are looking for an after school care in New York that creates a quality foundation for your child’s future, we are here for you.

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