How Your Child Benefits from Our Summer Day Camp

How Your Child Benefits from Our Summer Day Camp

Summer day camps are part of our yearly routine as a center for daycare in Brooklyn, New York. We arrange this program because we know that these can better empower children’s learning. It is our advocacy that children establish a good academic foundation – the earlier, the better.

But how do summer camps benefit children?

We have listed the following exciting benefits that summer day camps do for children. Let this encourage you to participate in our different child-building programs.

  • Time to Meet New Friends

    Children from different family backgrounds also join our summer day camps. This environment provides a great opportunity to make new friends. Even at their age, children can benefit from gaining friendships, which they can also enjoy for life.

  • Improves their Social Skills

    Along with meeting new friends, children’s social skills are also improved in summer camps. They will participate in different structured programs with these children. Because of this, they learn to adjust with other children’s personalities and work on better socialization.

  • Way to Discover Interests

    Our summer day camp is composed of different programs. These provide an opportunity for the campers to discover their own interests. Their new-found interest can be used to get them more inspired to learn, whether in our after school care in New York or at home.

  • Promotes Equality

    Because many different children join our summer day camps, we nurture the culture of equality. No matter the children’s personal background, they will be treated the same. This treatment can prepare them for a more accepting and tolerant culture when they grow up.

  • Improves Mental Health

    The structured programs we arrange in our summer day camps also improve their mental health. As professional providers of childcare services, we cater to the unique needs of children. We are holistic in our approach. So we also nurture their mental health. They can develop self-esteem and confidence, which are essential in building up their wellbeing.

  • Provides Physical Experience

    We also cater to the natural activeness of children. We know that they enjoy running and exploring around especially when they are still at the preschool age. These activities also serve as great exercises so that their physical health is nurtured.

  • Enhances Independence

    Children can benefit a lot when they are independent. Much of their learning growth and development are discovered on their own. Their sense of independence gets enhanced in our summer day camps. Children can participate in activities that they themselves select.

It has always been our aim at Lilypad Gfdc, Inc. to give them the right foundation in their growing-up years. Our structured programs, from our classroom lessons to summer camps, are catered to this goal. So if you have children at home, block off their summer schedules for our day camps.

Are you interested to learn more about these programs? Call and ask us!

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