Summer Program Chess: The Benefits of Playing Chess

Summer Program Chess: The Benefits of Playing Chess

Sending your little children to daycare in Brooklyn, New York will help the youngsters learn a lot of new things and develop a wide variety of skills. Parents also have the time to go to work or run their personal errands.

In this educational setting, your little ones can perform a number of activities that aid in their educational and overall development. One of these activities is playing chess. Chess is a sport and considered as a valuable activity that will help children learn important life lessons and skills.

Playing chess offers a number of benefits to your children. These include the following:

  1. Fosters mental development and health

    Chess can help young children develop mentally. This is because chess enables the brain to work, it being the most active part of the body when engaging in this activity. At the same time, it also ensures good mental health in your young ones. Since your brain is at work, it allows neurons to form new connections, thereby improving your youngsters’ mental health which can carry on to their old age.

  2. Improves intelligence

    While engaging child care services help your little ones to learn new things, playing chess can help take their intelligence further. Playing this sport requires strategically moving pieces across the board which definitely supports the use of intelligence.

  3. Develops problem-solving skills

    Every day, adults face numerous problems and challenges. Some solve their problems and some do not. Lack of problem-solving skills is a result of such skills not being developed in their early years. By playing chess, your young ones can nurture their problem-solving skills and prepare for future challenges.

  4. Teaches patience and concentration

    A single game of chess can take a long time. Playing chess requires each player to be as patient as possible. This sport will help your children learn patience. Furthermore, it requires a high level of concentration for the player to know the next move, what strategy to use and more. Children can develop their concentration when playing chess.

At Lilypad Gfdc, Inc., we offer a summer program that focuses on teaching chess to young ones. Our chess instructors lay down the basics of the sport along with other essential components such as decision-making, tactics, strategic planning, and endgame techniques, among others.

Sign your children up for our chess summer program or other activities included in our after school care in New York. Call us today.

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