Why Teach Young Children to Play Chess

Why Teach Young Children to Play Chess

It is natural for a parent to think about their children’s future. One of the most important parental mission is trying to figure out what is best for their kids. Here at Lilypad Gfdc, Inc. daycare in Brooklyn, New York, we understand your desire of giving the best for your offspring. That is why we offer a wide range of children’s programs. These programs are good to help boost your children’s brain development. One example of the programs is teaching them how to play chess.

Some studies prove how playing chess can improve children’s brainpower. The rules in the game have skills that promote good critical thinking for kids of a young age. Chess is fun and easy. It is also handy and can be played anywhere. If your children have free time daily after school, we can teach them how to play chess in our after school care in New York program.

Here are some reasons why playing chess is beneficial to children:

  • It helps with brain development.

    In some studies, children who are taught how to play chess at an early age perform well in academics and decision makings. This game is a brain workout that helps improve children’s ability to memorize and have good critical thinking skills.

  • It helps improve social skills.

    The chess rules, wherein players are ought to shake their hands before and after playing the game, shows the good social attributes this game can teach. Children will not only learn about giving respect, but they can also be disciplined by keeping reasonably silent in the duration of the game.

There are a lot of reasons why you should enroll your children with our child care services and to learn more about chess. To start, please don’t hesitate to dial us. Our lines are always available.

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